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Sewing as Self-medication

[sticky post]patterns in the stash, in case I need to know yardage
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I'll admit that sometimes I just can't remember what retro and historical repro patterns I have (Decades of Style, Past Patterns etc).

Some I know for sure, but mightn't know how much fabric if I were ordering fabric online from work.  Soooo, I'm going to make some posts listing the numbers, size, era and yardage. Maybe also when i got it (sometimes I want to enter the PR pattern stash comp but can't remember when I got the pattern. If it's not listed it's pre 2011).

I get that this post may not make your inner nerd as happy as it makes mine. Assuming you have an inner nerd. ;)Collapse )

a plaid cloak shall be mine ... or it's now stashed in fabric form
crazy time

The beginning of last year I was drooling over some fabric on FFC and a plaid wool cloak in the Met.

Well early in June I came across some plaid wool fabric being sold on ebay AU during a sewing studio clean up.  And there was 5 metres, and under $10 pm. I bagsed it in a heartbeat because there's enough for a cloak, and it's lightweight which suits me in the Sydney climate. Most importantly the colours suit me ... muted green, mauve/grey and black. I've hugged it a couple of times since it arrived in the mail

See how lightweight it is:

In my pinterest page for regency era outerwear I've got 5-6 extant plaid/tartal cloaks including a fashion plate.  They all seem to have a collar and capelet/s and no hood. Which is a bit sadmaking. There are definitely plain and print cloaks with hoods in this time, but I haven't found a plaid cloak with hood until mid 19th century.

The fashion plate is appealing, found on Robin's Plaid Regency page though in my fabric it'd be less vibrand and more muted like the cloak in the Killerton collection fo the National Trust UK (item number 1360836, c1820-30, lady's travelling cloak).

Part of me - the heart part - wants to make this for the regency weekend at the end of October, but my head is telling me to make the hooded scarlet wool cloak/cape first. Partly cos I've had the fabric longer.

still sick, but scheming
crazy time

My lungs are on the mend - yayyy!  Though I don't have a lot of energy I've got enough to get bored. So I've been tackling the chairdrobe of doom and found some interesting things. Hello Kitty & mermaid stickers, several hair nets in a bag that could be keeping wigs tidy, an unopened wig cap, an awl for corsetry and my chemisette pattern.

Next weekend I have a regency day over in Lithgow, so I'll catch the train late on Friday afternoon. And there's a Game of Thrones winter yulefest at a restaurant there on the Saturday night.   So I need to comb my Catelyn wig and dig out the chemise. I have the dress to hand, and the fish brooch :D    Also need to check my lobster bustle fits over my new corset - I'm hauling it out for the day.

The following weekend I have a 3 day sewing retreat. I wrote up a project packing list based on what I have already cut out. It looks like I have enough already. Though one isn't cut out yet, a pinstripe skirt in a Burda WOF pattern. (trying to figure out how to post pics in LJ using my new Windows 8 netbook). It's a very lightweight black wool and I'll cut the middle of the front panels with the stripes horizontal - did that with a navy skirt I made with the same pattern and it worked really well.
BWoF 2004 12 148 photo BWoF2004_12_148.jpg  photo black pinstripe lightweight.jpg

So my packing list of already cut out projects is:

1 black wool skirt - not pinstripe, in Vogue 7640
1 purple unlined kaftan coat
1 hello kitty nightie
4 rhubarb bike shorts (worn as underwear to stop my thighs chafing)
1 aqua/teal knit top
1 part sewn UFO blue shirt
1 3/4 sewn summer dress (the UFO Lilly Rose that I started last Aug/Sept)

What I want to cut and take as well as the the alist above is
1 pinstripe black wool dress
4 pale blue bike shorts
1 test run of the SBCC Tonic Tee pattern

Here's Vogue 7640 .... which I used a few times *cough* years ago, and haven't work for about 4-6 years so it's time to have another one.
Vogue 7640 line drawing photo v7640skirt.jpg

Also the Kwik Sew pattern I lengthened for the under-shorts. One of my street-wear sewing friends was amused that I made these rather than buy bike shorts - these don't have a seam on the inner thigh so they don't wear out as quickly, and they're fast to sew.

Sometimes you want the sewing version of a palate cleanser. When a project gets tricksy or went wrong, or you've lost the mojo then a quick and simple project can revive you.
KS2529 envelope photo KS2925envelope.jpg

reminder for me - my regency patterns
buxom wench
At the end of October I've got a Recency weekend to go to in the Blue Mountains. For which i need my new stays and a dress or two. And a scarlet cloak. So i thought I'd list my regency patterns.

Country Wives
#02 1805-1855 Two Chemises,  (Sept 11), missing eeeeeeeeek

Daffodown Dilly
Regency era wrap stays, 38" 0.75 yard each main & lining, 54" 0.5 yard each main & lining

La Mode Bagatelle
Regency Wardrobe

Laughing Moon
#115   1806-1810 ladies regency/romantic era stays. multisize 32"-62" bust, 0.75yd each fabric & lining  (June 2012)
#126   1800-1810 Ladies' Round or Trained Gown with a High Stomacher Front

Mantua Maker
1800-5, 1750-1900 fingerless mittens, multisize petite to XL, 45" 0.5y (sept 08)
1810-3, 1800-1820 regency corset, multisize 2-30, 45" 1-1.5y each outer, inner, lining

Mill Farm Patterns
MF3 Womans caps 1720 to 1800, 45" x 0.5yard

Northern Soc of Costume & Textiles
#02, 1793 dress of the revolution. (Feb12)

Past Patterns
#001, 1830-1840 stays, multisize, 39" 1 yard each outer and lining
#002, chemises, multisize 10-20, 45" 2.5yards
#038, Transitional stays with bust gussets 1793-1820, mutlti size 8-26, 45" 1.12yards (Jul 10)
#031, front closing gown 1796-1806, 16-20, 45" x  5.66 yards
#705, 19th century sensible stays, 8-20, A&B 45" x 1.6m, C 45" x 2.5m (May 13)

Period Impressions
#420 1770 Poloniase & petticoat, 18-20-22, 45" 3 yards for petticoat, 45"  4.75 yards for polonaise
#461 1809 Spencer jackets, 18-20-22. 3yards width not mentioned
#815, 18thC caps & pockets,

Rocking Horse Farm
#196 Redingote/Riding Coat (regency)  XL 42-44" bust, 5yards 150cm, lining 2 yards 150cm

Timely tresses
#103 Camillia, 1795-1810, 44" x 0.5yard
#105 Zenobia jockey cap 1800-1810, 44" x 0.5yard (Apr 10)

Truly victorian
TV104 Bustle era collar & cuffs, S, M, L, XL, 1.25 yards no nap  (May11)

a small idea, but satisfying
crazy time
I've been sick for a week (actually day *) with asthmatic-bronchitis my old nemesis.  I haven't had it for a few years now but it's progress is familiar.  I'm not coughing much in the night so it's not a hideous bout of it. Just tedious dull.

I was dogsitting at a friends for 5 days, so ti was nice to be sick in comparative luxury and have two dogs snuggle with me on the sofa. They do love me, even though I'm not the same as mum&dad.

I took my laundry there - and it was so nice to unpack a suitcase with washed & folded items for a change.  I'm not up to reading much so I've been watching cable tv at their place and at home will catch up on DVD sets that are borrowed.  Damages, Torchwood and Six Feet Under.

One thing I did today - so I have the resemblence of virtue.  I ordered a bundle of organdy bags to help sort out tights for costumes - I'm a visual person, so the sheer packing was a random idea cos this way I can see what's inthem without getting the air pockets that come with mini (or other size) ziplock bags.  I guessed the size cos I ordered them the minute I thought of it.

Anyway as I was ratting through my container of computer cables for my kobo, camera etc it occurred to me that the organdy gift bags would be useful here tooo  I can see what's in each bag without opening it. They're not tangling each other, and although yes I have to take a few out to find the right one, at least I don't have to take out a tangle and do a similar hunt.

Tuesday movie - San Andreas
through silica
It was great to catch up with medusafox an have dinner + movie.

We were in the mood for a disaster flick, so San Andreas it was. Well cast and we had fun pointing out the things they did wrong. Let's not forget dry or secondary drowning. Not a concern in movies, LOL

Entertaining, but not a survivor manual.

Wednesday Movie - Pitch Perfect 2
through silica
C and I saw the first Pitch Perfect one sunday morning and it would have been great to see the sequel with her too. But, it just wasn't working out between both our lives.  So I saw it on my onesies while i could - and it was the $10 movie of the week.

It was just as much fun - as much as I remember anyway.  I enjoyed the commentators again, John & Gail ... being horrified by & laughing at the hidously sexist/racist comments made by John (played by John Michael Higgins).  Elizabeth Banks didn't just play Gail, but produced & directed as well.  Respect!

Ahh, I hope there's another movie cos I love the OTTness of them. And singing. I'm a sucker for well arranged a capella.

a revised plan for Syd'nova
crazy time
So i didn't see a movie last night, and I didn't do a single thing but cook dinner, open parcel post, and read more of the second book in the Imp series by Debra Dunbar.  They are great worldbuilding, and hilarious. I've had to stop reading due to laughter a couple of times, and missed my bus stop this morning cos I was so entertained.  Having missed the sewing kick off, I'm going to put the brakes on my not even started Miss Haversham costume.  I may make it for Bris'nova instead. :D  I'll be making my new stays before then anyways as I have a regency weekend in the blue mountains in October. :D

Tonight I'm going to see Pitch Perfect, I think. Cos it's the $10 movie of the week, and I want to see it baddddd.  So there's been a complete revision of the next 10-ish days.

Wed night
Switch overlocker threads
Thread sewing machine & change needle
tailor tack back darts

Thurs night
overlock edges
stitch front seam, and edgestitch
stitch zip side seam
Insert zip
Stitch other side seam

Fri night
Attach waistband
hem skirt

Sat day
Fix pattern drawers and start putting away/culling my hundreds of streetwear patterns.
Find the black cardi I packed away somewhere safe but not obvious
Start sewing the coat I really and truly *need*.

ummmm - take out old TV & DVD player for Council Cleanup day and set up the new-to-me ones. And the old desk return that I had behind my front door.
finish the coat
make a new wand

Monday night
make a packing list for each costume and start assembling them.
~ 40s Wonderwoman
~ Pam Poovey
~ fairy godmother

Tuesday night
movie and chillax

Wed/Thurs Night
pattern alterations for my wrap dress (FBA, height) and cut out in the green monkey fabric.

Friday morning
head on out to the hotel & Syd'nova. For once I'm staying out there, rooming with medusafox.  IKR it's almost like I'm adulting

small things make me happy
crazy time
On Friday after work I cut out my new coat - a modern version of the Birka Kaftan.  Didn't sew it cos I was tired/swollen glands and had a pyjama day on Saturday.  Sunday I adulted some laundry and went out to a movie.

And realised it was time to turn my heater on for winter cos winter is here. Seeing as I'm hopping into bed to keep warm enough to read, I figure that sewing at night requires a little more ambient warmth.  So last night the column heater went on and doesnt' get turned off until spring.  Better for my dodgy lungs to have warm dry air for sleeping.

Sunday I also sorted out my spools of sewing thread.  I keep each colour group in a ziplock bag, and all the bags in a tub. The browns are missing, and I'll have to hunt it down in the dungeon.  I put back all the ones I'd taken out to use or see if they matched and instead of putting back properly had chucked into a large ziplock bag.

I'm not willing to count how many spools there are, but there's over 40 different blue. And that doesn't include the 2 with my UFO cotton dress, nor the 2 I took out for Pam's skirt. {pause} Yeah, given I buy thread when I buy fabric that's just a little ridiculous.

And I weighed myself and am 1kg down. Thank you universe, good things do happen.

Sunday Movie - Fast and Furious 7
through silica
I wanted to see this on the big screen ... if you're going to see car chases, and bus chases then the big screen is the best place to view it.  I even had enough points to see it for free, so it was a win all around.

A hilarious over the top plot, with great locations, tinged with sadness knowing Paul Walker died before it could be finished.

Glad I saw it on the big screen, especially for free.

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